ASAP Arecibo Street Art Project: Axel Void

The ASAP Arecibo Street Art Project in Arecibo, Puerto Rico is a new street art initiative organized by the Puerto Rican artist Bikismo where quite a few artists have already blessed the community with stunning mural additions to the streets. Earlier this month Axel Void was invited out there where he painted this new mural entitled "Life" which is part of his "Mediocre" series. In the words of the artist it's based off of "an old photo that is hanging on the wall of a gym of the town. Arecibo is a small town on the north coast of the island [and] in the past years the state [has been] buil[ding] shopping centers around the area. This closed all the small businesses of the area and forced people to leave the town because there were no more job opportunities. Now the town is practically a ghost town with a very beautiful and strong feeling of home from those who still remain there. It is surrounded by water with the sea on one side and a large river on the other and a beautiful reminiscent mix of architecture. I felt like the boxer represents a similar feeling, the local hero that at the moment gained popularity and perhaps signified pride but with time is forgotten and remains in the memory of some photo hanging on the wall."

Tost Films is one of the supporters of the project who is thoroughly documenting it and have brought to us this great progress video of Axel in action... be sure to take a look and enjoy!

Photo by the artist.


This beautiful gem is the latest and most secretive of Fin DAC's hidden beauty series which was painted off the grid in the wild of the Shek O peninsula near the Dragon's Back Ridge on the island of Hong Kong. Away from the city and people "Senaka" is a serious stunner that brings the literal proximity of the rooftop location to her back in the form of an intricate tattoo with the usual splash of color surrounding her eyes. Be sure to watch the short video below documenting this massive piece.

Photo by the artist.

New Journey

Back in April we did a Savage Habbit mural with the wonderful Alice Pasquini as a part of her three mural story that spanned the New Jersey and New York over the course of two weeks. This video which I've been anticipating for quite some time, filmed by Matt Powers and produced by Company Labs, documents the story that she portrayed between the murals (you will recognize the New Journey mural painted in Jersey City) and her journey as an artist amongst the communities that she paints in. Enjoy!

Films of Innocence

To coincide with their latest album Songs of Innocence U2 has invited 11 of the most inspiring urban artists out their to help create short films for each of the tracks, all part of a the "Films of Innocence" project. The participating artists include Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Vhils, Maser, ROA, DALeast, Todd James and Oliver Jeffers all of whom interpreted the songs in their signature artistic style. Above is a glimpse at ROA's eerie film who created a full gray-scale animated film showcasing simple drawings of cyclical environmental destruction of animals and humans by the oil industry... eventually leading to layers of bones among the earth with nothing but insects left to feed amongst it all.

To check out all of the videos head on over to U2's site here - the film premieres are only available for a few more hours so jump on it.

Estación Paco de Lucía

Due to open in 2015 is the new Paco de Lucia metro station in Madrid, Spain. Madrid Street Art Project curated this project in which Rosh333 and Okuda, in close collaboration with a third artist, Antonyo Marest, created an artistic and permanent intervention in the station. Explained by Madrid Street Art: "The piece performed by [the] two artists [en]titled "Between Two Worlds" [is a] tribute to the brilliant guitarist and composer and [a] reference to his song "Entre dos Aguas." The intervention consists of a main wall at the crossroads of two worlds: on the left, that of Rosh333, who has set out [his] characteristic language of curved lines, textures, sinuous shapes and patches of pastel; to the right Okuda, who has done so through its geometric shapes, star shapes and vibrant colors. Both languages and worlds come together in the middle by a geometric portrait of Paco de Lucia." For more info and progress shots of this project and other art interventions throughout the station be sure to head on over to the Linea Zero site and of course take a gander at the progress video below.