Aqueduct Murals

After three days of long hours the Aqueduct Murals are finally completed at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, NY in which an incredible line-up of street artists from around the world came off the streets and into the racetrack and turned the space from an ordinary gambling ground into a welcoming combination of art and racing. Joe Iurato, curator of the project and one of the participating artists, along with Logan Hicks painted hands down my favorite mural of the whole event. The wall (above) is a stunning interpretation of an old racing photo, infusing Logan's blurred stencil work with Joe's single detailed jockey and horse stencil. Approaching the wall the image appears to be in motion and as you walk closer your eyes begin to focus in on the singular detail, telling your mind that this is the winner. For some progress flicks of this wall and some more murals painted at the racetrack check out our Flickr here and of course if you're free tonight, stop by the Aqueduct and see them all in person during the opening artist reception - event info here.