New Colours For-don

New Colours For-don is an awesome new project that was started up in Bydgoszcz, Poland that carries out art activities for local residents, with particular emphasis on socially excluded groups like prisoners in the local Fordon Prison. This mural was designed and painted by five hand selected prisoners with the help of Polish street artists Pener and Sepe who collaboratively carried out this "Swim to Freedom" concept on the wall. Set against Pener's flashy abstracted background the wall shows Sepe's fisherman catching a fish and then releasing it back to freedom. I love the idea of bringing together the "inside" community with the outside world, making the two worlds not so different. Be sure to check out more shots of the wall here on the Gazeta's page.

Photo by Arkadiusz Wojtasiewicz of the Agencja Gazeta.