Be One With The World

As much as we love to work with artists from other sides of the ocean it's always important to support local artists as they are the most relevant to our neighborhoods in creating our distinct art culture. With that being said here's another addition to the streets of Jersey City, NJ continuing our Savage Habbit murals project done by none other than Mr. Mustart. Inspired by the environment he created his own "Mother Nature" dissipating into the background making her as one with the green earth. Tying in his graffiti roots by placing lettering playfully [and subliminally] across the piece he brings a positive message to anyone passing by "U R A Universe B U" and with this message comes a wonderful pop of color and organic flow set against the surrounding stone. And be sure to check out our Flickr for all the progress and detail shots along with the other piece of the wall continuing around the bend.

And of course a big thanks to Maigie for letting us paint this wall and making it happen. Enjoy!