Los Muros Hablan: Axel Void

After sharing with you his collaborative wall painted in the La Perla neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico with Filio Galvez here’s the final wall painted by Axel Void for the Los Muros Hablan mural arts festival. Painted on the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico he played off the idea of how “portraits often represent a national hero or a historical figure in the shape of a big mural or a monument. Sometimes we talk portraits about the people that surround us but usually in a more intimate scale through a photograph or an oil painting. This is the idea of this mural. Bringing to light an every day person with the intention of building a symbol that others can relate to.

Charlie is a homeless [man] that sleeps in the street where the museum is placed. He told us he used to be a engineer that worked in the states for 16 years as the leader for the assemble crew of these temperature chambers, where they would simulate different conditions to test the equipment for the NASA. He divorced his wife 20 years ago and has 3 daughters in the states. Since then, he has been living in Puerto Rico, where he was born.

Charlie is now the manager for a parking lot next to the museum.”