Los Muros Hablan: Axel Void & Filio Galvez

Aside from their main walls many of the participating artists for the Los Muros Hablan mural arts festival in Sancture, Puerto Rico are venturing off on their own and blessing other neighborhoods with quick pieces throughout. Axel Void and Filio Galvez are two of them who went out to the La Perla neighborhood of San Juan, where they painted this beautifully eerie piece. In Axel's words the community is a "mind blowing place [where] the entrance is through the cemetery. [T]his piece is based on a sculpture that belonged to one of the graves. This neighborhood has a history of violence and a bad reputation [and the piece] is dedicated to the people of La Perla, for their hospitality and for keeping a community such as this one." I love the rawness of it and its setting... absolutely stunning.