StreetArt Meeting: Axel Void

Now in Berlin, Germany Axel Void did this beautiful mural at the YAAM Berlin art market for the annual StreetArt Meeting. As with all of his work, he draws from periods in history to retell the story of a photo, with this being based off of a group of marching Hitler Youth... I'll let Axel explain the story best:

"A few years ago my computer broke down. I went to a repair shop in Berlin and met this older man that ran the place himself. There were other people and he must have seen that I didn't have much money so with my poor German and his poor English he sat me down and explained how to fix the computer myself. I spent the afternoon with him, and among other things he told me his story. He was the son of one of the Nazi generals, and was raised in the Hitlerjugend (Hitler's Youth). He explained how natural his training seemed, but by the time he grew up and had to take part in the war, he couldn't do it. They ended up kicking him out of the force and he left the country. He only came back to Germany after the war was finished. He never charged me anything, this wall is dedicated to him."