Black Sheep

These past few days have been a ton of fun for us with the wall painted by Ekundayo and now Pixel Pancho as a part of our Savage Habbit murals project endeavor. Taking from his family life of personally being looked at as the "black sheep" (i.e. being an artist) Pixel painted this stunning large scale mural right in the heart of downtown Jersey City, NJ, with of course the human boy being a reflection of himself. This robotic Victorian style family portrait is on a whole other level from his usual walls, incorporating a ton of detail and characters, a bit more like his paintings. We're absolutely thrilled to have been able to work with him and have this piece of art in our streets, so be sure to check out our Flickr for all the progress and detail shots of this brilliant piece.

And of course a big thanks to Paul from Del Forno Real Estate for letting us paint his wall and the City of Jersey City for helping to make this happen (and a shout out to Terrence... the best lift operator around!). Enjoy!

Photo by Elisabetta Riccio.