Find Your Way

It was a real pleasure to have Ekundayo from Hawaii visit us in Jersey City, NJ over the past few days and a great way to continue our Savage Habbit murals project endeavor. Creatively inspired by his raw emotion he blessed our local community with this thrilling new mural featuring everything that we love about Ekundayo. It's a stunning piece saturated with layers upon layers of color, that takes us through the spiritual journey of finding your way home by incorporating his signature house structures and man and nature as one, as seen with the focal point of the wall... the sick octopus human hybrid (the colors in this are beyond insane). Be sure to check out our Flickr for all the progress and detail shots of this brilliant piece and check back with us in the next few days for a video of the wall.

And of course a big thanks to Joey from Studio 17 for letting us paint this wall. Enjoy!