W Aeroplanie

F'in A, the fellows of Etam Cru have done it again in Lodz, Poland, now with this incredible wall done in collaboration with Galeria Urban Forms and the city's Cultural Forum House of Literature. Inspired by the Polish childrens poem "W Aeroplanie" by Tuwim Julian about a grandmother who had a dream that her hen ran away and then both accidentally got on an airplane nearby which started to fly... the rest of the story is the adventure that they had and what they saw. On this wall Etam depicts the grandmother with her loving hen in such a brilliant way while still maintaining their signature floating additions, as with the propeller hat, assuming to be the "airplane" in the story. This wall is really touching and brings me back to my childhood of reading the story... it's awfully comforting to see such a cozy interpretation out on the streets.

Photo by Maciej Stempij.