Tomorrow is the opening of the very awesome 'Zombie' show curated by Travis Louie at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. What better way to kickoff the long holiday weekend then to check out artist interpretations of the word "zombie," like this watercolor by Lou Pimentel, who was inspired by the fungus that attacks carpenter ants. Geek out for a moment and read his statement on how these ants become "zombies."

"The fungus enters the ant's body and begins to ravage the ant from the inside, consuming it's soft tissues, then altering the ants behavior. The infected ant now seeks out an optimal location for the fungus to thrive. The ant then clamps down on a twig or leaf vein before it dies. Eventually the fungus rips through the ants skulls and a stem with spore pods emerge. The pods rupture and the spores rain down, infecting more ants, and the fungus life cycle continues."

How about that for mother nature's take on real life zombie infection? Come by the show and check out more versions of the undead.