Allegoria della Primavera Valenciana

This beautiful triptych wall was recently painted by Vinz for the Poliniza Urban Art Festival at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Valencia, Spain, which embraces the street art that is found throughout the old city. The piece is a visual story of last years Spring riots between students and police, which was dually named by the public "Primavera Valenciana." Combining his inspiration of the Italian Renaissance painting "Primavera" by Sandro Boticcelli, which references the arrival of spring, with the police arrests during the event, Vinz is able to create an ethereal allegorical piece with the use of faux stained glass, meant "to give a sense of light but also fragility" to the situation he has reinterpreted. Again, as with all of his work we find ourselves questioning authority as we scramble thoughts of liberation and freedom in our minds.

You can check out the work in progress and details of the piece here, all photos courtesy Rafa Aparisi.