La marca €spaña

This new mural inspired by Picasso's "Guernica" has been recently completed by Vinz at the Institut Français in Valencia, Spain. Reflective of the current socioeconomic situations in Spain this reinvented "Guernica" is as much relevant in today's world as it was in the 1930's, just with the additional twist of Vinz's signature nude characters and epitomized animal heads. Each character has a new meaning in regards to the desperate financial and political systems set in place in Spain today, where the people are at the mercy of the establishment. In the words of Vinz follow along each images representation:

1. Bird-woman with baby: The hungry, misery of the citizens.
2. Bull: Symbol of Spain, it's the effort to restore a country that sinks through cracks.
3. Bird of Peace: A dismembered peace
4. Riot Police: This represents the continuing riots in the streets caused by the policies of public cuts
5. Arrow: Down direction, as the Spain demoralized
6. Bomb €uro: How the european economy has exploited in Spain
7. Battle Horse: The anger and rage of a country that does not let ride
8. Migration: Emigration of university graduated and Immigration of cheap labor
9. Evictions: The drama of thousand of people who loose their homes each day and some commit suicide
10. Hope: The main character, with a candle approaching to the €uro symbol