My Weekend of 4/13 Show List

Now for next weekend's show list of my "must-see" art shows:

- "Spectra" solo exhibition with a new body of work from John Wentz at Modern Eden Gallery out in San Francisco, CA. Like the incredible "Ever-Changing Spectrum of Light" oil painting above there will be plenty of haunting landscapes and gas mask wearing humans, as if they were placed in eerie post war photos set back in time.

- Last Rites Gallery in NYC will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary with an excellent group show with some awesome dark and pop-surrealism artists... the line-up is just wow, check it out here.

- The "Lined in Lead II" group show is also opening on 4/13 at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles, CA. The gallery has invited 12 artists to participate in this show that honors and glorifies the under-appreciated medium that is graphite. Line-up info here.

- California seems to be really happening the weekend of 4/13, with this 2 part solo show opening at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice. With works from Joram Roukes and Bayo this "international" exhibit will have some beastly work from these two fellows and really not to be missed because of the rarity of them being in the states.

- Last but not least Nychos has his solo show "Pellis Os Omentum" opening at Galo Art Gallery in Turin, Italy, which will obliviously have killer exploding guts and dissected creatures. In his words "follow the white rabbit" on over to the gallery if you are out in Italy for this adventure brought to you by Nychos.