Market: The Video

Earlier this month we had shared with you some of the new work that was to be on view for Vinz's newest opening at SC Gallery in Bilbao, Spain. Of course no show of his would be complete without some new street pieces in the vicinity of the gallery and so we wanted to share with you this new video culmination of Vinz's "Market" series, both on the streets and in the gallery space. A reflection of advertising’s effects on the market and in turn on the madness of consumerism the video combines glimpses into real television advertising that brainwashes us everyday juxtaposed against Vinz's wheatpastes which were placed in the most shady parts of town. This insight on the location of his "Honest advs." presents the viewer with a purposeful journey during the few minute span, following him as he places ads that would normally be ill advised for real high-end major trademarks that are the sources of his spoof.