Vinz Invades Jersey

It was a real pleasure to have Vinz take some time off to visit us in NJ to hit up some walls in Jersey City during his busy stay before his show opening this weekend at Jonathan Levine Gallery and book release via Wooster Collective. He has blessed the community with some beautiful wheatpastes of his sexed up nude women donning animal heads.... they're feisty and raunchy in every way and I am so excited to be able to see these on a daily basis now! Check out our Flickr for progress flicks of this Savage Habbit production wall and the rest of the walls.

If you want to check out the wall in person it’s done on the side of the Hudson County Art Supply and of course, many thanks to John Mcinerney for providing the wall :) As for the rest, take a walking tour of the 5 block vicinity and find them! Enjoy and happy hunting!