Extinction Awareness

In another roundup of what we weren't able to post due to Hurricane Sandy, there was this wall done a few days ago by Louis Masai Michel. I love the messages that he spreads with his work, particularly this newest wall that he did in London, UK. In another call for extinction awareness he fused his bold tribal patterns and colors into the Ethiopian Wolf and African Cheetah that he painted. With less than 500 Ethiopian Wolves and between 5,000 and 15,000 African Cheetahs left in the wildlife of Africa, he brings up the point of "how is it that a city [London] in a country that holds one of the smallest land mass in the world inhabits such a vast amount of humans and the largest continent [Africa] in the world has the most endangered animals... seems like a massive injustice to me." For more words about this injustice he brings to light and close ups of the piece, check out his Flickr.