The latest gem painted by Gaia is in the streets of Newark, NJ as a part of the Model Neighborhood Initiative. In the words of the artist "the mural uses the teachings of Noble Drew Ali as a conceptual framework since one of the last remaining Moorish Holy Temple of Science in Newark is located down the block [from the mural location]. Two portraits by Catalan orientalist painter Jose Tapiro of Santon Street Preacher (male) and a 'Tangerine Girl' (female) represent the Moors of the Maghreb of Berber descent. Noble Drew Ali taught that African American people were of Moorish roots from North and West Africa and were thus Islamic by faith. Behind the two portraits, the milky white arm of Eve reaches for the forbidden fruit (painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder) referencing the genesis of humanity but also of racial revisionism by Europeans. To the right are portraits of two Leopards of the genus 'Panthera'. When a leopard is melanistic they are known as 'Black Panthers'. The two animals are of the same species but their adaptation to environment sets them physically apart. A dominant gene entirely expressed in the phenotype, is responsible for the excessive melanin in the Leopard. The hieroglyphs below the two animals spell the ancient name of Egypt 'kmt', which is thought to refer to the Black Nile Delta earth. Noble Drew Ali, otherwise known as the Egyptian Adept, would lay the foundation for the Nation of Islam and black consciousness in the the United States."

Photo by the artist.