One Wall: Li-Hill

The One Wall Project curated by Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany is an ongoing effort to bring “international artists to the most diverse neighborhoods in Berlin. The urban artists reflect and interact with the unknown surroundings by means of their art. The aim is to enter into dialogue with the inhabitants of the neighborhood and support its development.” For the latest mural Li-Hill painted the front of Urban Nation's main site. Entitled "Rise and Fall" in the words of the artist the piece is "based on two source points, a famous statue in Berlin based on the Greek goddess of Victory (Siegessäule/ The Victory Column) and the film Wings of Desire by Wim Winders, where an angel becomes human to experience the world. As well as speaking to the spirit of renewal and reinvention, this piece at its core is based on the fragile and unsustainable concept of constant progress and the fallacy of victory. All empires are bound to fall but something new is always born from it."

Photo by the artist.