Vilnius Street Art Festival: Chazme x Sepe

For this years edition of the Vilnius Street Art Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania Chazme and Sepe were invited to create another stunning collaboration. The mural which is entitled 'Corest Fity,' in the words of the artists, "is about pretending in general." About a "city that pretends [to be] a forest [and] people that pretend [to be] animals" - here the city forest being represented by Chazme's architecturally structured landscape and the people represented by Sepe's distorted birds donning human accessories. With this piece they have created "an impression about modern cities that often feel like jungles full of animals... [with] people liv[ing] far away from nature, [slowly] killingĀ  natural resources and [the] environment... [and thus,] soon there will be original [nature]." More photos of this piece can be found here.

Photo by Tautvydas Stukas.