One Wall: Herakut

The One Wall Project curated by Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany is an ongoing effort to bring "international artists to the most diverse neighborhoods in Berlin. The urban artists reflect and interact with the unknown surroundings by means of their art. The aim is to enter into dialogue with the inhabitants of the neighborhood and support its development." For the latest mural Herakut painted this beautiful piece on the Heinrich-Böll Library as they also prepare for their "Displaced Thoughts" exhibition opening this Saturday at Urban Nation's studio space. The mural has the words "If I Knew The World Ended Tomorrow, I'd Plant An Apple Tree Today" written across it in 20 languages, a reference to a quote by reformer Martin Luther. Taken from Urban Nation the mural is about "spreading the news of the possibility of freedom and intercultural conversation - repeating this sentence in many different language[s] from all over the world on [a] new kind of saints [white] dress, the color of peace." For full progress shots head on over to Herakut's blog here.

Photo by Akut.