St+art India: INTI

St+art India is a non profit organization which “aims to make [the] streets more interactive through the medium of urban art festivals across India.” In it’s third edition in New Delhi some of the best artists are converging in the city painting iconic landmarks, including INTI who has completed his addition. Painting in the very chaotic neighborhood of Khirki extension the mural entitled "Balance" "is a hypothetical mixture of two distant lands. Even if there isn’t any direct relationship between them, they both have an essence and a cultural history which is colorful, festive and religious, where the power of belief and love goes beyond rationality." Incorporating his signature pattern work inspired by his Chilean roots and more traditional Indian imagery into the robe reflects this melding of two distinct cultures. Be sure to head on over to INTI's page here to see some detail and progress shots.

Photo by the artist.