POW WOW: Case x Smithe

POW WOW HAWAII is officially complete and I am super stoked to see this collaboration by Case and Smithe finished in the heart of Kaka’ako, Honolulu, Hawaii. Entitled "Brain Coral" this wall was a collaborative effort for PangeaSeed's "Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans" project, making for an incredible juxtaposition of Case's photorealistic infinity forming hands surrounding the bold graphic "ocean" themed work of Smithe.

Taken from PangeaSeed: "Science estimates the world's coral reefs could be in full collapse by mid century due to human impact. Coastal development, pollution, overfishing, ocean acidification and destructive fishing practices such as bottom trawling and dynamite are its major threats. Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth and home to more than 25% of all life in the ocean. Coral offers sea creatures shelter, a place to breed and spawn and also house many pharmaceutical properties treating illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and human bacterial infections. Without healthy reefs, fish populations will seriously decline and coastal erosion will increase significantly. Human population will suffer as a result, particularly coastal populations and those dependent on fish for livelihoods and/or sustenance."

Visit PangeaSeed to learn how you can help save our seas.

Photo by Silent Stage Gallery.