For the upcoming exhibition at RexRomae in London, England which opens this Thursday they will be featuring a whole new body of work by Spanish artist Borondo. For the "Animal" exhibition  Borondo "aims to explore the conflict between our innate animal instincts and our present lives, which are coated with the dependence of technology and our fear for the unknown." "Visiting the exhibition, you will start a sensory path where you will discover various predicaments of the relationship between human beings and nature. The journey comprises eight thematic spaces. Apart from his characteristic painting style and imagery, Borondo explores this confict with the help of three fellow artists, resulting in a variety of techniques and views. The exhibition includes video installations and painting animations in collaboration with Carmen Maín (ES), and sculpture installations, created together with Edoardo Tresoldi (IT) and Despina Charitonidi (GR)."