Outdoor Gallery - New York City

Looking for a last minute Holiday gift? Well... why not give the gift of the streets to others (or yourself if you feel inclined to do so) and check out author and photographer Yoav Litvin's "Outdoor Gallery - New York City" book which is a wonderful documentation of the street art and graffiti found in NYC. Although the book was released earlier this year it is still making waves in the scene with it's decisive culmination of the walls and artists that are behind some of the best pieces surrounding our daily lives. Featuring artists that have also painted as a part of our Savage Habbit Murals Project right over the river from NYC including LNY (piece painted above in Brooklyn, image found in OG), Gaia, Never, and Joe Iurato we get a bit of insight in each artist - their views on their art in the streets, indoor work, NYC itself, the future of each artist, and a look into their process. It's actually quite the education for anyone who is just getting familiar with the scene in NYC or for the fellow enthusiast who wants to fully understand some of the prolific pieces and artists that they see in the streets. You get to be one-on-one, up-close and personal with over 40 artists... what more can a street art lover as for? "Outdoor Gallery - New York City" is available through Gingko Press here or Amazon here.