Eros - Desire - De Sidus - Of The Star

Hands down the most incredible mural painted for this years Miami Art Basel was this stunning collaborative piece by Faith47 and Alexis Diaz. Painted as a part of "The Art of Collaboration" program for Wynwood Walls which aimed to look "to answer the question- what happens when two artists, each with their own unique style, come together to create something never before imagined but also celebrates the collaboration of art and community?" Well... the Goldman's definitely succeeded because approaching this wall and seeing these two artists working together was mind-blowing and as evident by the final product it made for an insanely brilliant idea. In the words of Faith47 "the image reflects on the different layers of sensuality." With her beautiful floating woman wrapped by the intricate double headed snake of Alexis we are left with an intense emotion of desire [and wanting more of this luscious collaboration].

"Eros is the Greek God of love and desire, the word desire comes from the Latin word ‘de sidus’ which means ‘of the star.’"

Photo by Faith47.