Handle With Care Project

The Handle With Care Project is a non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas whose mission is to use art and murals around the city to promote awareness of human trafficking and child slavery and the [mostly] young women effected by it. This completed mural in the heart of the city has been painted by James Bullough whose photo realistic imagery is simply stunning, depicting Vermillion Flycather birds flying to their freedom from the open hands. All around the city leading to this mural he has painted these birds in flight as well, each individual one a representation of the people who have managed to escape the ugly reality of human trafficking. An interesting side note with the choice behind using the Vermillion Flycatcher, a native species to Dallas, is that these red birds have to be free to remain beautiful... if held captive they lose all of their color, making for an interesting comparison to innocents who are held captive. For more info on the project and how you can help raise awareness head on over to their page here.

"Because human trafficking is an underground industry, few people ever hear or see it."

Photo by Handle With Care Project.