Following Eduardo Kobra's Malala mural in Rome, Italy ROA is continuing the "Spray for your Rights" campaign with this new mural organized by Dorothy Circus Gallery after the inauguration of his solo show this past weekend. ROA's mural is "Step #2: Diversity" of this campaign here reflecting on the recent death of Daniza, a bear in Italy who had been reintroduced into the wild but died after receiving an anesthetic during her attempted capture, this following after she mauled a man. Many animal activists call this no accident, but an animal murder as she was being punished for behaving naturally. And so in true ROA fashion he has immortalized Daniza on this wall humanizing her with the posture.

“Once again the right to life has been violated without any reason. Once again the “otherness” is a predestinated victim of violence and tyranny. Each and everyday we make terrible mistakes. We recognize it but we are not strong enough not to repeat the same mistakes over and over. So we keep on suffering for it. There is no progress, there is no hope for the future if we get used to pain and sorrow. Let’s hope our tears will rise as the flag of a mankind that will truly fight for the right to life for every creature on this earth. We devote this art opus to Daniza, so that her pain will not be forgotten”.

Photo by The Blind Eye Factory.