Indeleble: Decertor

Although this mural by Decertor was painted over a month ago I simply had to share it now with better final shots. Painted for Indeleble, a project of a series of murals to create a visual experience through the transformation of public space in Mexico City, Mexico, as always he takes us to a visually stimulating place with this mural. Entitled "Searching Inside" he brings up the point of how these days, through the broadened internet world, everything is easily accessible, losing its ability to surprise us. The outside world is so close yet we cannot find ourselves so with this piece he pushes us to look inside where we will find our identity and all answers, just as the man in the portrait is covering his eyes and going in. For more shots and details of this wall head on over to Indeleble's page here and be sure to watch the progress video below.

Photo by the artist.