The Host

The Avenue Concept is "a public art program that integrates distinct elements of urban arts with opportunities for skill building, professional development, artistic training, and creative self-expression for artists of all ages." By "revitali[zing] under-used public spaces" they to hope foster artistic development in Providence, Rhode Island and for this particular space they invited Inoperable Gallery out to curate it with Evoca1 as the artist who brought a new life to this facade. Entitled "The Host" he not only utilized one wall but also the garbage bin furthering the dimension out from the flat surface. The subtly of his charcoal-like spray paint effect makes for a beautiful contrast against the otherwise stark and raw area surrounding it, proving that beauty like this is deserved even in the most unlikely of spots. For more flicks of this wall be sure to head on over to his blog here.

Photo by the artist.