I've been anticipating the completion of these diptych murals for weeks now from Robert "Tone" Proch, Proembrion, Sepe, Chazme, and Cekas in Lodz, Poland. Organized by the very awesome Fundacja Urban Forms these twin murals rising at 10 floors each are absolutely incredible. I am in love with how it conceptually fades from top to bottom starting off with more abstract viral work, to architecturally structured imagery, and finally ending with random figures going through the daily cycles of work and life, with the left mural showing them off to their day and the right mural with these same figures coming back home... literally referencing how our days are recycled one into another. The details of these murals are a must see so head on over to U.F's page here for all of the goodies.

Photo by Marek Szymanski.