It was a real pleasure to have Mr. Prvrt come out to visit us in Jersey City, NJ and paint this sweet piece as a part of our Savage Habbit murals project. Creatively inspired by growing up around and currently working with animals he has blessed our local community with a this full scale elephant. Reflecting on the symbiotic relationship between animals here he refers to the benefits that both elephants and Oxpecker birds have by living amongst each other. Oxpeckers follow around elephants and other large animals in order to feast on the ticks and other insects that cling to their thick hides, mutually feeding the birds while ridding the large animals of these pests. His work has the look and feel of stencil work but do not be fooled, it is just brilliantly crafted freehand that makes his style so unique. We’re absolutely thrilled to have been able to work with him and have this piece of art in our streets, so be sure to check out our Flickr for all the progress and detail shots of this visually stimulating piece.

Also, be sure to check the beautiful painting he has donated to our Kickstarter to help us bring more goodies like this to our streets.