Street Art Doping: Dal East

The latest edition of Street Art Doping is on again in Warsaw, Poland with some really stellar artists participating in this years event, including DALeast who has completed this incredible wall.  Entitled "Dormant Antennae" in the artists words: "I considered creating an old look piece which has been living upon this building for a long time. This building reminds me of our body, it functions as vehicle that carries our life. The cobra is channeling up to the sky and connecting to an antenna on the top of the building. The falcon is standing on the cobra as he holding his own lifeline, I guess the cobra is no other than the falcon himself and his life quality. It is a symbol of awareness, when he is awaking, the potential possibility is evoked, so he can connect to the entire universe and not be limited by the time and the space in our mind."

Photo by the artist.