Open Walls Baltimore: Nanook

In it’s second edition the Open Walls Baltimore street art project curated by Gaia is fully underway in the heart of the Station North arts district in Baltimore, Maryland. With 14 artists included in this years line up each mural will support “community revitalization and national dialogue and attract visitors and investors to Station North.” While we last saw some fresh work from Escif here's an incredible new addition by Nanook, whose piece was inspired by the Coop Garden that sits in front of it and the general neighborhood. Here he pays respect to the garden that is used as a teaching space for the neighborhood kids, referencing the values of such gardens including cross pollination (hence the halo of bees) and the possibility of redevelopment in the area with the floating row home signifying what the garden once was and can turn into again. The mural is just a wonderful way of bringing together the culture, history and flora of the area all into one massive piece of work.

Photo by the artist.