The Wall

This Saturday was the opening of "The Wall," a show featuring the collective work of Da Mental Vaporz at BC Gallery in Berlin, Germany. As a part of the exhibition the crew painted this massive collaborative mural located at the "Waschauerstraße" train station in Berlin. The piece overlooks the area where the show is and was "design[ed so] the spectator will have [the] opportunity to discover the core of what distinguishes the individual members of the crew as an organic unity. As all of them have already created their very own sophisticated styles which work perfectly well independently, what connects the artists does not lie directly in the content or style they create but more in the fact that they find ways to bring all those diverse parts together, in a balanced tension and create something completely new. Their preferred medium for that fusion is mural painting which makes clear that the title of their exhibition "The Wall" is not just a hint at the vast mural design which [was] part of the show, but also displays the deeper meaning of what really holds the artists together."

Photo by BC Gallery.