Open Walls Baltimore: Gaia

In it's second edition the Open Walls Baltimore street art project curated by Gaia is fully underway in the heart of the Station North arts district in Baltimore, Maryland. With 14 artists included in this years line up each mural will support "community revitalization and national dialogue and attract visitors and investors to Station North." The first mural has been appropriately completed by Gaia himself - as with most of his work he considers the history and culture of neighborhoods which inspires the imagery he incorporates with this piece being no different. Entitled "Frontiers," in Gaia's words, "the piece features a figure, modeled by [his] friend Fruit, with projections of the newly constructed Angelos Law Center, and Bierstadt's 'Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California' (1865), fading into the Giambologna mercury figure. These surfaces set the stage for a street scene of passerby's from the week of working on the wall and a reclining tiger as a homage to the Korean constitution of this block." Check back with us for more info as the walls of Station North begin to transform.

Photo by the artist.