Crowded Kingdom

A brief introduction on Anser’s Mysterious Date might be necessary before I proceed... Created in early 2007 as an "attempt to create a more publicly inclusive form of graffiti, “the face” was developed to engage a typically ignored public. Instead of stylized letters a face was created, because Anser felt traditional letter based graffiti perpetuated an insular community, “since graffiti was in the public realm, why not involve the rest of the public”. The moniker “Mysterious Date” was coined by a photographer, Micheal D’Amico, who, for a CONTACT photography exhibit, took photos of this painted face and dubbed the series, “Mystery Date”. The adoption of this name is a testimony to this public engagement."

With that briefing out of the way "Crowded Kingdom" is the first exhibit of Anser's work in over 6 years which will showcase a new collection of this face on view as of tomorrow at #Hashtag Gallery in Toronto. Check out the full event info for more on Anser and his recent street blessings up in Canada.