The Bestiary

This nice little preview is for Phlegm's upcoming February 1st art event that will be held at the Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch, London, England. This art show is a bit different from the usual as there will be no art for sale, just a wonderful installation based off of half real and half imaginary animals as illustrated in a bestiary. In the words of the gallery "Phlegm [will be] creat[ing] a modern bestiary within his own universe through an immersive and large scale installation in wood, clay and plaster.  Here Phlegm presents a taxonomic categorisation of his creatures and collects them in one place for the first time. Within the expansive sections of the installation, and working in bas and high relief, Phlegm displays a series of works akin to the Lascaux cave paintings. Inspired by the bestiarys of old, these works contain untold fables and narratives."

Photo by Marcus Peel.