Unknown Elements

Tomorrow is the opening of the very awesome two part show "Unknown Elements" at Thinkspace Gallery out in Culver City, CA featuring all new work from Nosego (above) and Curiot. These two guys have an incredible knack for creating cosmic worlds layered with tiny details to form hybrid critters, with Nosego adding in fantastical characters and bursting energy while Curiot takes from his Mexican roots and intertwines his native folklore into his work. Aside from the new body of work an added incentive to check out the show is to see the small installation painted by both in the gallery space and while you're at it be sure to swing by the massive 80 foot long wall that they are currently working on blocks away from Watts Tower out in LA.

"The iconicity of both artist’s work can be likened to the cohesive staying power of myth: their output is immediately recognizable as their own, populated by recurring themes, characters and motifs, and subject to the internal logic of its own creative cosmology."