Happy Thanksgiving

In honor of today's turkey filled day I wanted to share with you the 2nd Annual Turkey Hands Contest that Chris Ryniak is holding. Here's the lowdown of the contest that probably brings us all back to those hand tracing kindergarten days:


1.TRACE YOUR HAND 2.Then your hand into something else, doesn't have to be a turkey. The more creative the better. Hell, you might even want to pander a little...maybe something CP related (just a suggestion). Just go nuts and have fun. (Chris's is above... I love the little fella!) 3. post your image here by the deadline Saturday NOVEMBER 30th! 4. LIMIT 3 entries per person.

PRIZE! Chris will pick a winner, based on, well, whatever he wants: humor, skill, LACK of skill...depends on the day. The prize will be a random bundle of CMR goodies, including an original drawing!

Happy Thanksgiving folks and happy drawing!